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Bugak Skyway


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Bugak Skyway | 북악스카이웨이

While hiking in Seoul’s mountains in winter can be quite rewarding, it’s not for everyone. The Bugak Skyway, on the other hand, offers windshield tourists lovely views of Seoul and its surrounding hills from the high mountain road connecting the Buam-dong and Seongbuk-dong districts in northern Seoul. The highlight of the trip is the Palgakjeong Pavilion, a park on the ridge offering sweeping vistas of Mt. Bukhansan National Park’s Bohyeonbong Peak and downtown Seoul. Even if you don’t own a car, it’s a moderately priced taxi ride from downtown, and there are walking paths, too.


Palgakjeong is home to the appropriately named Sky Restaurant 하늘레스토랑, where the T-bone steaks go for 43,000 won. The dinners are improved by the wonderful night views. There’s a café up here, too.

There are plenty of boutiques in Buam-dong and Seongbuk-dong, including traditional crafts shop Hyojae 효재 (T. 02-720-5393) right in front of Seongbuk-dong’s Gilsangsa Temple, run by Korean lifestyle designer Lee Hyo-jae.

The views from Palgakjeong Pavilion. There’s plenty of art and culture in Seongbuk-dong and Buamdong, too.

T. 02-720-2385, http://bukak-palgakjeong.tistory.com (Korean only)
(Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul | 서울시 성북구 정릉동)

Take a taxi from Gyeongbokgung Station 경복궁역 (Line 3), Exit 3.

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